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Polycool Grain Ventilation Pedestals from Goldcrop are designed to keep grain cooled and free from moulds and insects, they are constructed from tough durable twin wall plastic that is "loader Proof" They are very easy to assemble and will last for years. These pedestals are a worthwhile investment for any grain grower who stores their own grain.




We are distributors of minerals from 2 leading manufactures, our range are designed to suit all Dairy, cattle sheep and horse. Our range of minerals contains optimum levels of trace elements and vitamins.


Distributors of Zons, the most reliable bird scarer in the Irish market for leaders. It is the birds no. 1 enemy!! Both mechanical and electronic models available. These Zons are the most user friendly propane cannons in the world, very easy to maintain only a few moving parts, very effective and inexpensive. Tripods available for greater range.


Goldrop are distributors of all the leading rodenticides, including Storm, Rodilon and the Romax range.

   Storm Range:

Storm has been the market leader of rodenticides in Ireland and is a very effective solution for rat and mouse control. It is a tried and tested solution to rat and mouse control. It comes in 5 different sizes ; Storm Secure block 10kg, Storm Secure block 3kg, Storm Secure block 1kg, Storm Secure block 500g and 100g grain for control of mice.

Storm 500g PackStorm 1kg PackStorm 3kg PackStorm 5kg PackStorm 10kg Pack

  Rodilon Range:

A new rodenticide, introduced into Ireland during Autumn 2012. Key features and benefits include :

  • No known resistance in rats or mice
  • Pioneering new active, the first for over 20 years
  • Highly palatable and effective single feed solution to rodent problems
  • For indoor use only with four convenient baiting options:

Rodilon Wheat Tech 2.5kg
Rodilon Blocks 2kg
Rodilon Soft Block 2.5kg
Rodilon Trio


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