Wheat is Ireland’s second largest cereal crop, with approx 60,000 hectares planted each year.

Typically, this is split as 90% winter wheat, and 10% spring which between them produce approx 650,000 tonnes of grain annually. Ireland can grow very high yields of wheat, but we also have to deal with increased disease pressure, especially from Septoria tritici and Fusarium nivale. For this reason, Goldcrop are keen to ensure any varieties brought to market are robust on disease resistance and can stand up to the vagaries of Irish weather, particularly in wet summers.

The vast majority (>90%) of the national wheat crop is sold as feed grain, used for cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry. Only about 5% of the national crop grown is classified as ‘milling wheat’ and is used in the retail household flour market. About 2% of the crop is grown for seed production each year.

Winter Wheat

Winter Wheat DAFM Rec List


Nogal x Almirante. Alternative type, bearded wheat from Desprez in France which is now in year 3 of…


Skalmeje x CPBT W134. New variety from KWS UK which was added to Irish Rec List 2019 with the…


(Cordiale x Biscay) x Timaru. Solid variety from KWS UK which ticks so many boxes on robustness and…


(Alchemy x Hereford) x Shepherd. New Group 4 feed variety from Elsoms / Saaten Union UK which we…

Spring Wheat

Spring Wheat DAFM Rec List


Sparrow x Azzurite. New addition to the 2019 Rec List with highest yield rating of 104. Average…


KWS Westfield x Pepito. Candidate variety for recommendation in 2020, now in year 3 of official…