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An Open Invitation to All Arable Farmers

Posted: 21 Jun 2017

Goldcrop Trade Open Days on Arable Crops in Dunleer & Cork

What / Agenda

Annual Goldcrop Trade Open Day on Arable Crops, to include presentations on;

  • Winter & Spring Barley
  • Winter & Spring Wheat
  • Spring Oats
  • Winter OSR
  • Spring Beans
  • Cover / Catch Crops
  • Latest Agronomic Advice & Technologies

In addition, at our Dunleer Trials we will have: -

  • Spring Beans and Pea Varieties
  • TAMS II - Sprays & Sprayers Machinery Display



Thursday July 6th 2017



Goldcrop Trial Site,
on the farm of:
Mr John Dunne,
Ballybane, Shanagarry,
Co Cork.

For further information, please call us Tel : 021 488 2800

Latitude: 51°51’39.5”N

Longitude: 8°02’53.3”W



Thursday June 29th 2017

Crop Walk Starting at 6.00 pm sharp



Goldcrop Trial Site,

Co Louth
(Just outside Dunleer on Monasterboice Road)

For further information, please call us Tel : 041 685 1241

Latitude: 53°49’26.5”N

Longitude: 6°23’35.2”W

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