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Average Dairy Farm Growth Rate from PastureBase Ireland for the week ending 07/09/2016

Posted: 08 Sep 2016

Average growth rate on dairy farms across the country is well above average at 66 kg dry matter per ha/day. Temperatures have been very mild in the last week and there has been plenty of moisture. Heavy rainfall is making grazing difficult on heavier ground. This will be made more difficult where cows are going into very high pre-grazing covers. The exceptional growth over the past month has meant that autumn covers have increased much faster than normal. Average farm covers yesterday where recorded at 1229 kg dry matter/ha. Allowing average farm covers to increase above 1200 means that cows will be grazing covers over 2500 kg dry matter/ha. This can lead to poorer quality grass being eaten by cows, poor graze outs and reduced over winter tillering. The final date for spreading fertilizer is next Wednesday. Even if you have plenty of grass ahead now, look to the recovery on paddocks recently grazed. This is the grass growth that is needed for later in the autumn. Consider this before skipping fertilizer.