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Average Dairy Farm Growth Rate from PastureBase Ireland for the week ending 14/09/2016

Posted: 15 Sep 2016

Growth stays high but Utilization is challenging

Average growth rate on dairy farms across the country is remaining above average at 67 kg dry matter per ha/day. Soil temperatures are 2-3oC above average for the time of year and this is driving grass growth. Unfortunately the excessive rain over the last week has made grazing conditions on farm difficult especially with high pre grazing covers resulting from the high. If grazing conditions are difficult try move to paddocks with lower covers until the ground dries up. Allocating 12 hrs grazing blocks, multiple entry points and using a back fence will all help to increase grass utilization and prevent poaching. Due to the high soil temperatures reseeds sown in the last few weeks are growing extremely quickly. Don’t forget a post emergence spray while weeds are small.