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Average Dairy Farm Growth Rate from PastureBase Ireland for the week ending 17/08/2016

Posted: 30 Aug 2016

Average growth rate across the countries dairy farms has reduced to 60kg DM/ha/day. The country is a story of 2 halves at present. The east is extremely dry, with growth rates generally much lower than the average. As it is important to build covers this month. Many farms in the east are feeding silage to reduce grass demand. Learning from previous droughts there is always higher than expected growth once rain does come and this help to compensate for lost growth and help to build average farm cover. In the west, moisture for the most part is not limiting growth causing growth rates to be higher than the average. Managing grass availability over the next few weeks will determine the length of the grazing season on each farm. This makes now a key time for grass measuring. Aim for 300kg of grass dry matter per cow available at the end of August. Don’t be shy in using silage to achieve this target if needed.