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Average Dairy Farm Growth Rate from PastureBase Ireland for the week ending 21/09/2016

Posted: 22 Sep 2016

Growth rate is still above average

Growth rate is still above average compared to the last two years at 63kg DM/ha. With day length getting shorter and temperatures falling it is likely that growth rates will continue to fall. As growth rates fall, animals will start eating more grass per day than is being grown. This means that animals will start eating into the reserve of grass that was built up over August and September. Most farms will be hitting peak cover now or in the next week. Aim for an average cover of 350-400 kg DM per cow. If the current cover is low, consider feeding high quality silage or selling cull cows to extend the grazing season. Keeping grazed grass in diet for as long as possible though the autumn is the cheapest way to feed animal high quality feed.