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Average Dairy Farm Growth Rate from PastureBase Ireland for the week ending 26/10/2016

Posted: 28 Oct 2016

Dry weather brings exception grazing conditions across the country

Growth rates across the country have reduced to 29 kg DM per day. This means that animals are likely to be quickly eating into the reserve of grass built up on the farm earlier in the autumn. 60% of the farm should be closed for spring grazing by this weekend. With grazing conditions exceptional, resist the temptation to graze paddocks that are closed as this will reduce grass supply in the spring. If animals are moving through grass too quickly, act now by including high quality baled silage of equivalent into their diet. It is also possible to dry off thin cows now to reduce grass demand. This will help to extend the grazing season and keep grass in the animal’s diet for longer. Each extra day at grass is worth €2.10 per cow per day in autumn. The current dry spell of weather will allow for excellent clean out of paddocks before this winter. This will allow swards to tiller and thicken over the winter. It will also ensure that there is only high quality grass available for stock in the spring, while getting full advantage of the grass available today. With the dry spell set to continue for the next week, this spell of good ground trafficability presents a massive opportunity to get lime out on paddocks that are low in pH.