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Department of Agriculture launch Grass and Clover Recommended List 2017

Posted: 22 Mar 2017
Goldcrop are delighted to offer 2 new top class varieties included in the 2017 Pasture Profit Index. These are Meiduno and Fintona.

Meiduno is a new late tetraploid with top spring growth for a late heading variety. Meiduno also boast good digestibility and will be extremely attractive variety for farmers interested in early spring grazing. Unfortunatly seed will be limited in 2017, but will be included in Diamond Hi-Digestibility.

Fintona is a new Intermediate tetraploid with extremely good Spring and Autumn growth. This will make an excellent silage variety for late May 1st cuts and will add great strength to Intensive Silage mixtures produced by Goldcrop.

Check out the list here