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Goldcrop Trials November 2016

Posted: 02 Nov 2016

Here are a few pics taken from the Goldcrop trial site on the 1st day of November 2016.

We are really delighted with how the crops have established.

  • Winter Oilseed Rape
The crop was sown on the 7th September, a little later than normal in an effort to lessen pressure the from Light Leaf Spot. The crop has already received an application of Proline, Stratos Ultra and Solubor. Disease levels are very low, however another preventative fungicide will probably be applied pre-Christmas as we are in a very high disease pressure region.

  • Winter Barley & Winter Wheat
These crops were sown on the 12th October. All the trial plots were treated with Redigo Deter due to doubts regarding the effectiveness of the Pyrethroid aphicides. Winter Wheat crops were badly affected by BYDV in the area last year.

The Winter Wheat follows a crop of WOSR. Slug numbers were very high but have been treated by an application of Gusto slug pellets.

The Winter Barley follows Spring Barley and will be followed by WOSR. Our normal rotation is WOSR/WW/SB/WB.

We will shortly conduct some plant counts to see if the crops have established in line with our target plant populations.

Winter Oilseed Rape

Winter Wheat

Winter Barley