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Spring Bean Seed Rate Calculator 2016

Posted: 10 Feb 2016
Goldcrop Recommended Seed Rates Based on Thousand Seed Weight (TSW)

Spring Bean Seed in 2016 will have a higher Thousand Seed Weight (TSW) than would have been observed in recent years, and consequently growers should ensure to increase seed rates accordingly to achieve the optimum plant population / crop establishment.

Typically, the minimum seed rate that growers should be working with this year is 235 – 250 kgs per hectare or 15 – 16 stone per acre (assuming a seeding rate of 40 seeds per sq metre).

Because of increased availability of home-grown seed, bean seed prices this year are typically down by about €100 per tonne compared to last year, although the net cost per acre to the grower will be roughly the same given that the seed rate will have to be increased by a similar proportion.

For further information, click through for a copy of our Spring Bean Seed Rate Calculator 2016.