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Thinking of Sowing Winter Oilseed Rape ?

Posted: 11 Sep 2012

With the winter cereal harvest finally drawing to a close it is time to think about sowing winter oilseed rape. The forward prices are very high at the moment and as such the crop should feature very strongly in farmers’ cropping plans for 2012/2013. The delayed harvest has pushed the sowing window back into September and so with this in mind it is important to consider the following:

Good seed bed preparationa firm fine tilth is essential

Autumn Nitrogento encourage fast establishment (until the last allowable date of application)

Slug pellets
Slugs are at epidemic proportions. Pellets should be applied immediately post sowing.
Variety Choice – Varieties with a high autumn vigour score should be the first port of call. These can include a hybrid variety such as Sensation Or a conventional variety such as Osprey.

These are two proven varieties that have been through both private screening trials and the official National List Trials.

Consider using Tiger 90 pellets to bulk up the seed and provide an early source of sulphur.

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