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Trials at Ballybane

Posted: 06 Nov 2014

Monday 3rd November 2014

“The winter barley and winter wheat plots have emerged well at our trial site in Shanagarry, East Cork. The plots were sown on the 13th October in excellent conditions.

The land was ploughed and furrow pressed about 6 weeks beforehand. It received one run of a powerharrow to create the final seedbed and was not rolled.

The winter wheat was sown after winter oilseed rape and the winter barley was sown after spring barley.

The crops surrounding the plots are KWS Lumos winter wheat and KWS Tower winter barley. Seed was treated with Redigo Deter.

It will be sprayed this coming week with Flight + IPU + Sumialpha.

The winter oilseed rape variety plots are also enjoying the mild autumn and has established well despite some moisture shortage following sowing, the crop has recently received its autumn fungicide (Proline) for control of Light Leaf Spot and Phoma. It also received Boron with the fungicide.
Weed control consisted of Butisan S, followed by Salsa (Charlock control) and Falcon (volunteer cereals)”

John Dunne
Goldcrop Ltd