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Varieties of Winter Oilseed Rape available from Goldcrop

Posted: 15 Aug 2013

With the winter barley harvest now completed, land should be cleared of straw and preparations made for the sowing of winter oilseed rape. Winter oilseed rape can be sown from August 15th up until September 15th – a very narrow sowing window. Variety choice should be centred upon high yielding, stiff strawed and locally proven varieties such as the hybrid variety SENSATION, or the conventional variety OSPREY. For a new variety to “look at” DK EXTROVERT, with its high level of résistance to pod shatter and complete resistance to phoma, should also be considered. Variety sheets can be found under the Oilseeds section of our website. Alternatively contact Goldcrop either by  telephone : 021 488 2800 or email: and one of our Representatives will be happy to help