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Winter Cereal Rec Lists for 2014 are out !

Posted: 23 Sep 2013

DAFM have published the New 2014 Rec Lists of Winter cereals (Barley, Wheat, Oats) and Goldcrop varieties are highly rated in all crops. On winter wheat, AVATAR continues to be the highest yielding variety, with excellent performance and suitability as a first wheat and/or in the early sowing slot.  KWS LUMOS has also now been added with a provisional recommendation of 103 for yield, and with an excellent overall agronomic package. It performs very well in the second / continuous wheat slot and is early to ripen, helping to spread the harvest.  CASSIA remains the highest performing 2-row barley and is already sold out, obviously proving its popularity amongst growers. The new successor of Cassia, KWS TOWER, will be added once National Listing is complete, hopefully this will happen in the near future.  BARRA remains the No.1 oat for quality (Bushel & Colour) which is such an important consideration when sowing this crop, especially if the market is in over-supply as it currently is.