A specialist seed and inputs company serving Agriculture, Horticulture, Professional Amenity, Home Lawncare and Birdfood markets.
Grass seeds and Cereal seeds are the main business areas along with Clover, Maize, Beet, Forage Brassicas, Oilseeds, Pulses, Vegetable Seeds, Young Plant plugs and Amenity grass seeds.

Established by Michael P. Murphy in 1984 through a management buy-out of the Agricultural Division of Suttons Ltd., the company has continued to grow organically and through acquisition (Power Seeds and Hardware in 2007).

Today the company is run by a group of professional business managers each responsible for the further development of key business areas to ensure that Goldcrop remains at the forefront of all developments in the individual markets served. We apply the same core principles to all business areas:

  • To ensure availability of a leading edge product range
  • To ensure all products sold satisfy strict quality controls
  • To ensure strong employee technical competence
  • To continually strive to improve customer service
  • To work to promote the best long term interests of the markets we service

Every year Goldcrop makes significant investments in seed and product trials which underpins our on-going customer commitment to

providing our customers with the most up to date seed genetics and input technologies available in each of the markets we serve

Goldcrop is an ISO 9000 accredited company and participates in the Department of Agriculture’s seed certification scheme. Goldcrop is also an active member of various national and international trade and lobby associations in the markets it serves.

We invite you to visit the section of our website that interests you. We are of course always interested in any comments or feedback you have.