Goldcrop Amenity is the leading supplier of Amenity grass seeds, fertilisers, chemicals and hardware.

Goldcrop uses and has strong relationships with Simplot (BEST fertiliser/Jacklin seeds/Simplot Partners) Everris, DSV and DLF Trifolium. There is an on-going search for new products and trials of existing lines are tested and monitored in different parts of Ireland. This gives the Greenkeepers and groundsman the reassurance of top quality proven products delivered to the market place.

If you are looking for a Landscape grass seed mixture or a high end golf greens fertiliser, we can help you.

We have built solid relationships over the last decade with some of the leading professionals in the Amenity markets worldwide.

Our goal is to bring new and exciting product development to the Amenity market. We will keep you updated on all new product launches to make sure you get the Technical and practical advice you need to do your job.