Oilseed Rape

A valuable break crop in more ways than one

Oilseed Rape (OSR) really only started to be grown in Ireland in 2006 after the cessation of the sugar beet industry. Since then, the annual area sown to this crop has settled at around 10,000 hectares but there is plenty of potential to expand this further. OSR is an excellent break crop for cereal growers and is typically seen as an ideal entry crop for wheat.

Winter OSR is the most widely grown making up about 90% of the annual area planted. Sowing normally takes place in August, with harvest 11 months later. The market is dominated by hybrid types that are capable of delivering high seed yields and good disease resistance. Most breeders have now introduced yield protecting traits such as pod-shatter resistance, phoma / light leaf spot resistance and Turnip Virus Yellows resistance to their new varieties. These genetic advancements have helped to lift yields massively in the last 5-6 years which now makes it very achievable for growers to target 5 tonnes/hectare from their OSR crops each year. In addition, new sowing and cultivation techniques, along with a better understanding of plant density and canopy management, has helped greatly to improve the reliability and consistency of performance of OSR in the field.

The market for OSR in Ireland is limited. Currently, there are no commercial crushing plants operating in Ireland, so a lot of the produce has to be exported abroad to the UK. Some also goes into Northern Ireland for use in poultry feeds. Ideally, it would be great if we could crush the seed in Ireland and use the high-protein by-product (oilseed rape meal) in our livestock sector, rather than importing same back from the UK or further afield.  There is also a limited market opportunity for rapeseed oil for use as cooking oil and for culinary purposes

Winter Oilseed

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