“I’ve sown Diamond Hi-Digestibility & Hi-Density with excellent results”

Gerard Kenneally- Dairy Farmer, Conna, Co Cork

“Reseeding is one of the best paying investments on Livestock farms”
Tips for Success

  • IDENTIFY paddocks/fields with poor yield performance and low perennial ryegrass (less than 50%)
  • TIMING Target a time of year with warm and moist conditions
  • SPRAY OFF OLD SWARD with glyphosate at 2l per acre (5l/ha)
  • DO A SOIL TEST! Apply lime, phosphate and potash as recommended. Apply nitrogen up to 48 units per acre at or after sowing
  • SELECT A SUITABLE GRASS SEED MIXTURE WITH THE BEST VARIETIES and sow at 14 kg per acre (35 kg/ha). Increase seed rate in poor conditions
  • A FINE FIRM SEEDBED is essential regardless of cultivation method
  • SEED SHOULD IDEALLY BE COVERED and always rolled well to achieve good contact with soil and moisture
  • MONITOR CLOSELY for pest attack from the date of sowing. Take action where necessary. Slugs, leatherjackets, fruit fly y and rabbits are the main threats
  • POST EMERGENCE WEED CONTROL, particularly for docks and thistles. Normally apply herbicide 4-6 weeks after sowing. Get advice on the most suitable product