Ireland’s leading producer of cereal seed varieties

Goldcrop has long-standing co-operations with many international plant breeding companies from across Europe and the world.

Each year, several hundred new lines are screened at our dedicated research farm in Co.Cork, from which the best cultivars are selected to go forward for official VCU testing in National List Trials conducted by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine (DAFM). Varieties that are successful in VCU trials will then be published on a DAFM Recommended List, and most of the varieties that Goldcrop propagate and sell are based on such listings.

Modern varieties must not only be high yielding and more profitable to grow for the farmer, but they must also be agronomically resilient when grown in the Irish climate. We want our varieties to provide Ireland’s feed and food industries with the highest quality grain products on a consistent and reliable basis each year.